Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The first 48 (or 72, curse you international date line) hours

I'm going to try to make this a short post since it's past my bedtime if I want to eliminate this jetlag business, but we'll see how that one flies,shall we?

I'll start by asserting that working 14 hours, flying 14 hours, then spending 12 hours at Disneyland (I wish it was 14 hours), all in a 48 hour period, is not the most intelligent thing I've ever done, but it'll probably be the closest I get to ever seeing a theme park through the eyes of a drunk person (there is certainly no chance that the remaining 8 hours could be attributed to sleep, the real figure there might be 4 hours, including what I got on the plane).  I can however add to the list of places I've slept to the Haunted Mansion ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Little Mermaid ride (don't judge me, there was no line and you would've done it too), and whilst standing up watching the World of Color water and light show at California Adventure - twice (OK, maybe 3 times, but I assure you the show is spectacular, even the people without sleep deprivation induced psychosis enjoyed it).

It wouldn't be a trip to Disneyland without the obligatory posed roller coaster photos, which I've decide to use props for this time around (although props were a little thin on the ground to begin with, and didn't become more plentiful as the day wore on, but I've still got another day to go back there next week, so I'll be going back prepared).

Drink Bottle


Self Portrait
OK, so maybe I took this photo a little earlier than the photo the ride took, but you try synching the two up...

Totally running out of ideas here, upside down sunglasses, but it was worth it to ruin the shot for the girl who looked like she was posing for the photo she would've sent to casting agents around LA 

I can also thoroughly recommend riding Space Mountain (a roller coaster that runs through what is, save for a few lighting effects, total darkness) wearing sunglasses, the darker the better.  I got off it dizzier than when I got off the teacups, which might be a lie, since we totally slayed the teacups! I'm pretty sure we spun that pastel yellow sucker so fast we were generating lift.

That'll do for now.  Keep your eyes out for my ride updates in the top right corner of the blog


  1. I neglected to mention that I also fell asleep on the toilet once I was back at my hotel and was out for long enough that my legs went to sleep