Sunday, 10 July 2011

Congratulations Brad & Eryka!

As much as I might emphasise my trip to the tour, the real reason for this trip has been the marriage of Brad and Eryka.  A little over 12 months ago now, Brad proposed to Eryka while I was on my last holiday here in California visiting them, and while they may not realise it, I probably started planning my trip before they started to plan their wedding!

Owing to a bit of a head cold (and the fact that it's now 1.30 am) I won't provide a blow by blow description of events, but I'll leave you with a couple more photos of the happy couple.

The happy couple and their salads.  Judging by the salad here, tomato must be as rare and expensive like bananas are at home, and rocket must be plentiful, still good though (the salad, Eryka, and I guess even Brad).
I have a photo of Eryka and I like this, but at that point in the night she was a self confessed "hot mess", so for her benefit I'll leave it out.  Brad reckoned I looked like a muppet in my green shirt, I reckon I totally owned it.

I don't know who's idea it was  to have a photo booth at the wedding for guests  to take photos of themselves, but it was a good one, unless you're posing with 4 different pairs of glasses, have them laid out on the seat next to you to facilitate a quick swap between shots, then without warning 4 of your friends storm the booth and sit on them (thanks guys), no damage thankfully.
P.S:  Eryka, don't be jealous that I'm heading to France for le Tour and you're not, it's not like a Caribbean honeymoon is some sort of booby prize, but remember that this trip would probably not even be happening if it wasn't for you guys.  Mazel tov!

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  1. We love you so much!! Thank you for being here with us to celebrate! And thank you for keeping our hot mess pic between the two of us :) love you! Xoxo